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Friday, March 25, 2011

::: Munch your way through the grand prize with Frames Cafe! :::

Was Mathematics your favourite subject in high school? Or Maths just makes you wanna barf? Fret not, Churpers, cause we're bringing Maths to a whole new level! So how does this sound to you? E= (sesame seed bun+ burger patty+ fried egg) + (lettuce+ tomatoes+ mushroom+ cheese) + (fries + drink) Behold, and give a standing ovation to GOLIATH CHALLENGE, brought you by Frames Café, Sunway Pyramid. Roar! Best known as the BIGGEST burger in Malaysia, the Goliath Burger is served with fries and 1.5 litre drink. Weighing up to 4kg, to whoever who can finish this in within 30 minutes do not have to foot the bill! Also, the challenger's friends will get a 50% off if Goliath is defeated within the given duration. But that’s not just it! Those qualified will be judged by their fastest time defeating Goliath among other competitors throughout the contest period & the winner will walk away with RM500 Cash + Prizes! Don't just sit there.. share this monstrous deal with your friends today! Oh yeah, do remember to skip breakfast and lunch before your attempt to conquer the monstrosity! Contest period is from April 3rd, 2011 to April 26th, 2011. Goliath set will be available on every Tuesday & Sunday upon reservation. Have fun sharing! 

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