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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

::: Hair Perm Chemical Used in Pringle :::

Salam bersiaran...
huhu dapat email tok dr one of my friend..
apa gik copy n tampal kat my blog...
aduh chemmni tukk
aku sukalah mamam pringles pake kenyap2..but better to be safe than sorry kan..
silalah baca entry tok k...
For those who don't read Chinese: 

The chemical used 
in Pringles is also used in hair-perm chemical, a very harmful chemical even on a very insignificant quantity (will cause kidney cancer), adult shouldn't consume more than 0.01g per day while children not more than 0.003g!

Product called back from all Hong Kong markets & banned in USA . 

Oklah tata...
take k ea...

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