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Monday, February 14, 2011

::: MAD - RM65 for AAM Basic Card Membership :::

MAD Deal of the Day: RM65 for AAM Basic Card Membership Men, women, we both want security, someone to count on. Well with AAM you can rest assure you could! Apart from the 24 hour breakdown assistance, there's free towing and minor on the spot repair, service in the Free Breakdown Zones, vehicle inspection and valuation service. Now you can get a sense of security at only RM65 instead of the usual RM100. Grab this MAD deal today! Share this with your friends today and be rewarded with every purchase!


wa khairul onggon said...

aie murah ya.. tuk baruk mena diskaun... tenkiu po sharing :)

RaMa-RaMa Fareeza said...

murah owh..maok juak mek apply tok

Kembhoja said...

rajin adik sorang tok eh molah iklah... caiyok2 dear...

kmk baruk masuk ofis

RaMa-RaMa Fareeza said...

rajin mek heheh ada juak oleh sikit2 bah..maok kumpul pake kawen..chewah hehehe...chaiyok2x juak kak kembhoja..hehhe..